Salt Lake City Locksmith
The Key

The main and the most important part of a lock is definitely the key by which a specific lock can be opened. It is actually an instrument with the help of which a lock can be successfully operated. The first key, of course, dates back to the ages when the first key-operating lock was constructed and this would be approximately four thousand years ago, somewhere in the region of today’s Egypt and it was made of wood.. Read more...


The Miraculous Lock

I am the owner of a big company which has been developing for the last five years and I believe that it has reached its peak. It is a trading company and I am very proud of it since my father and I founded it together and the fact that we have succeeded means a lot to both of us. However, an important aspect of leading a business is also securing your property and important facilities and areas. We are aware of that and we have put a lot of effort into providing top level security for our company. Read more...


“Unpickable” Locks

The highest level security locks are definitely the “unpickable” locks. Coming after basic, resistant and high security respectively, they provide the top level security. However, there is a reason why the term is stated under the quotes – of course that a lock cannot be completely unpickable, but this term is used to describe the level of the security that such lock can provide and the mechanisms of these locks as well as their features will be dealt with in this article. Read more...